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Travel to Cuba and visit Havana, Ciudad Maravilla, the Valley of Viñales, Varadero or Trinidad Beach,
tourist destinations so beautiful that every traveler wishes to take them to their heart while visiting the island
of its landscapes, beaches and cities, it will also take the beauty of its culture and history, the warmth of the Cuban people,
its friendship, simplicity, its rich music, its dance and above all, the immense joy of living of the Cuban.
Travel around Cuba living with Cubans doing their lodging in Cuba in private houses for rent.

Top destinations in Cuba

The Cathedral of Havana in Cuba
The Cathedral of Havana in Cuba
Houses in Viñales
Varadero Beach Cuba
Long Beach
Travel to Punta Gorda and Cienfuegos
Tourist destination in Ciudad Trinidad, Cuba
Remedios City in Villa Clara
Santiago de Cuba

Most outstanding rental houses

By staying in a private home in Cuba, you will have the opportunity to know and feel closely the way of life of the Cuban family.
Renting an independent house or family will give you some freedom and on occasions it will promote better prices,
it will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience.

Booking Havana has a large directory of private rental homes where you can find your best lodging option in Cuba.
By contacting us we will give you a quick response to your request and if necessary,
we will send you different lodging proposals that will leave you satisfied and pleased with your vacations in Cuba

Destinations in Cuba

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Get to know the island of Cuba on a circuit through Booking Cuba Tours.
Mini Cuba CircuitMini Cuba Circuit>

Travel around Cuba in a short time.
If you travel to Cuba with a few days of vacation you can, in 6 days and 5 nights, know the most visited island of Cuba from Havana to Trinidad.

Circuito Cuba BellaCircuito Cuba Bella

Comfortable circuit designed to visit the main tourist destinations of Cuba in 10 days and 9 nights where you can enjoy the beauties of Cuba.

Circuit Vive CubaCircuit Vive Cuba

Know the beauties of Cuba and live an unforgettable experience in 8 days and 7 nights in a beautiful circuit from Havana to Trinidad.